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Sonad Al Kamandjati performance on upright piano
at Sakahini Center, Ramallah, West Bank

Sonad’s friend and former student from Apple Hill days, Ramzi Abdurewan, the head of Al Kamandjati in West Bank, is eagerly anticipating Al Kamandjati receiving the Steinway B (seven foot concert grand) Sonad has promised to provide.

The mission of Al Kamandjati (“the violinist”) — to improve the lives of children and their families by providing world class concerts and music instruction for refugee camps and villages in West Bank and Lebanon — will be wonderfully enhanced by this piano.  Al Kamandjati does not have a concert quality piano.

We have found the right instrument –an excellent piano in Studio City near LA — a totally rebuilt c. 1920 Steinway B (a prime era for Steinways), with the rebuild work beautifully done by a retired Hamburg Steinway factory technician. The instrument looks brand new, and sounds and feels fantastic to play.

The total cost, including shipping and delivery through Israeli customs and into Ramallah to Al Kamandjati, is $44,000. This is a great price for a beautiful Steinway concert grand. (New Steinway seven foot concert grands cost almost double that and arguably are not as good.)

The piano will be owned by Sonad, and on permanent loan to Al Kamandjati.  Donors to this piano purchase are thus able to contribute to Sonad for this and receive appropriate tax 501(c)(3) US non-profit benefits for their contributions.

We have divided the $44,ooo US dollars piano cost into 88 keys at $500 each. We have pledges in hand for 15 keys.

Memberships in the  Octave Club -$6,000 for twelve keys, and the Two Octave Club -$12,000 for twenty-four keys, are still available.

The mission of Sonad is honored and enhanced by your generosity. Thank you and best wishes and love to all, from Sonad, and from the children and the families of the Middle East.

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